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SignID brings real time, sealed signatures to your digital life. 

Notarize your social media and own your digital rights!  The signature is reimagined for a world to reduce fake.

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Why SignID

In the course of 2017 the world became saturated with "fake" social media and "phony" emails - with no identifying marks of a human being.  Show your style and ownership to whatever you post in your digital life.

Prove Yourself!  We invented mobile authenticity.

Sign any email or social post to not only authenticate your identify but extend your originality.

SignID is the signature service - signed and sealed - now in the palm of your hand, for anything and everything.


The Smart Keyboard

We invented the Intelligent Signature by delivering the signature block to your Smart Keyboard.  Now only you can sign and stylize your digital communications on virtually any digital medium. 

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         Sign on the fly!  

With the signature block and authentication service in the palm of your hand, leave original marks in conversations, chats or your own original media.  Works on all major networks!



Deliver real time, authenticated signatures to every email, chat, picture, blog, article or social post.

We invented authenticity.  The SignID signature system was patented by parent company lettrs, Inc.  The company has since developed a method for all the world to enjoy its signature service, with professional editions coming soon.


Sign your Facebook posts, emails, LinkedIn, Twitter and soon every possible digital channel you can imagine.




SignID patented the authenticated signature using the biometrics method of most smartphones.



SignID is on path to be the Blockchain for every mobile signature in the world.